Project Description

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

This is an case made by Herschel Kopp of Ohio to fit an Alex Baez 1/4 scale Colt SAA revolver with 5 1/2″ or 4 3/4″ barrel.  This will also fit one of Alex’s Colt SAA “Bisley” revolvers with the same barrel lengths.  The case is hinged top with a brass flip down latch and the exterior is covered in a dark brown leatherette.  The interior bottom is English fit and lined in a brick red cloth.  The interior lid is padded and lined in an off white silk.  The interior bottom has the typical Kopp full size Colt .45 Colt brass cartridge head with W-W, 45 COLT headstamp.  Surrounding it are six holes for the usually supplied six solid brass dummy cartridges that came with one of Alex’s Colt SAA revolvers, and all six of the original dummy cartridges are included.  Herschel probably re-purposed a jewelry case to make this case, and only actually made the bottom insert and relined the bottom.  Still an original Kopp case in my book, and I know there are a number of loose Baez Colt SAA’s out there that could use a nice case.  The photo with the Colt in the case is just a paper cut out of an actual size Baez Colt, & is included!  Stock # EC-2.  Price:  $250.00.  !!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  $200.00.