Project Description


This is a 1/3 scale pneumatic can gun cased with accessories made by master miniature builder Gordon Heasman in England. Fully functional and firing. A fantastic set with every tool and accessory you would need to shoot. This exact miniature featured on page 9 of Imperial Russian Armory’s 1997 sixteen page color catalog. The air gun is in two pieces, the air chamber and the barrel which screw together. With the ivory cane handle attached, the piece measures 12 5/8″ long overall.  The cane handle can be unscrewed and replaced with the ivory rifle stock, the piece then measures 15 5/8″ long overall. It is a rifle, or you can unscrew the barrel liner and it converts into a shotgun. Includes the air pump that has both a blue steel foot handle and an ivory hand handle. Accessories include the pliers type bullet mold, patch cutter, a rifle cleaning rod, a shotgun cleaning rod, the key for cocking the mechanism, a spanner wrench for disassembling the air chamber, and a large quantity of properly sized lead balls. The leathers in the air pump are dried out and will need to be cleaned and oiled in order to charge the air cylinder. The rifle stock has a couple of small cracks at the end that threads onto the air chamber. Otherwise, this piece is in near mint condition. To operate this, you would screw the pump into the air chamber, screw one of the handles onto the other end, then pump up the air chamber. You would then screw the barrel to the air chamber and fit either the pistol grip or the rifle stock. You would then load the barrel. You then take the key and insert it into a hole in the air chamber. Turning the key cocks the gun. There is then a small button that when pushed shoots the gun. Multiple shots can be fired on one charge of the air chamber. The case measures 12 7/8″ X 3 3/4″ X 1 1/2″.  It is English fit and lined in red felt.  One of only six made in the 1970’s.  Price Reduced:  $1,950.00.  

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