Project Description

!!!!!Price Further Reduced!!!!!

This is a 1/2 scale Colt second model Colt Dragoon percussion six shot revolver made by Emil Ripoli of Washington State about 35 years ago.  6 15/16″ long overall with a 3 3/4″ rifled barrel of .22 caliber.  Note that this piece is true 1/2 or 50% scale, not 47% scale like the Uberti miniature Colt revolvers.  Steel construction except for the backstrap, triggerguard, & front sight which are yellow brass.  Beautifully engraved by an unknown engraver with about 75% coverage.  The Ormsby Texas Rangers and Indian battle cylinder scene is hand engraved and well done replicating the roll engraving on the full size Colts.  The top of the barrel engraved “Sam’l Colt”.  The left side of the frame engraved “COLT’S, PATENT” in two lines.  Serial # 8 stamped into the bottom of the barrel lug, frame, & backstrap, and the top rear of the loading lever only visible when the lever is in the down position.  Finished in the white.  100% mechanically functional.  the hammer with both half & full cock.  Near mint condition showing only very minimal signs of handling.  The finish to the steel is bright, the brass showing the expected aged patina.  Mr Ripoli reportedly made 9 of these revolvers, possibly with the assistance of George Wenzek.  Several of Mr. Ripoli’s other miniature Colt dragoons are shown in the book The Art of Miniature Firearms – Centuries of Craftsmanship, and at least two have won NRA silver medals.  This is the first one of these I have seen for sale in over 15 years!  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-78.  Price Further Reduced:  $2,500.00.