Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/2 scale 50 round “L” drum magazine made by Edmund de la Garrigue for his 1/2 scale Thompson Model 1921 & 1928 sub-machine guns.    3 5/16″ in diameter X 7/8″ thick.  Parkerized finish.  This magazine does not have any of the internal parts except the central axle.  Included are the front and back halves, the central axle, and the winding lever.  The front has the Thompson bullet logo and the “WIND TO 9 OR 11 CLICKS” stamping.  I do not guarantee it to fit your miniature as these were all hand made.  Some work may need to be done to make it fit your miniature properly.  Sold “AS – IS”, no returns.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!