Project Description

This is a 1/4 scale miniature single shot bolt action Webley shotgun made by master miniature maker Dr. John Cooper of England, probably around 30 – 40 years ago.  11 7/16″ long overall with a 6 5/16″ round smoothbore barrel of about .098 caliber.  The bolt action cocks on closing like a British Enfield military rifle.  Most U.S. bolt action firearms cock on opening.  The barrel, receiver, and triggerguard are a pleasing smooth gray patina.  The bolt assembly is finished in the white.  One piece walnut stock with an oil finish.  The action is fully functional with working firing pin and extractor.  The shotgun is in excellent condition.  The dummy cartridge shown in the first two photos is not included.  Stock # LG-3.  Price:  $1,250.00.

cooper-webley-shotgun-1 cooper-webley-shotgun-2 cooper-webley-shotgun-3 cooper-webley-shotgun-4 cooper-webley-shotgun-5 cooper-webley-shotgun-6 cooper-webley-shotgun-7 cooper-webley-shotgun-8 cooper-webley-shotgun-9 cooper-webley-shotgun-10 cooper-webley-shotgun-11 cooper-webley-shotgun-12 cooper-webley-shotgun-13 cooper-webley-shotgun-14 cooper-webley-shotgun-15 cooper-webley-shotgun-16 cooper-webley-shotgun-17