Project Description

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  This is a pair of 1/2 scale scrimshawed bone grips made by Dennis Holland of Lubbock, Texas  to fit the Miniart 1/2 scale Colt 1911 and 1911 A-1 semi-automatic pistols.  The right grip is scrimshawed with an anchor and USN, the USN outlined in black and filled in with a medium blue.  The left grip in unadorned.  Mint new condition, the bone starting to show a nice patina and lots & lots of grain!  Made about 15 years ago.  A nice upgrade for your Miniart Colt 1911.  Since all the Miniart Colt 1911’s and 1911 A-1’s are pretty much hand made, there are often minor differences in screw placements, so these are Not guaranteed to fit.  Sold “AS – IS”, no returns.  Price:  $100.00.  !!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

Dennis Holland ivory grips for Miniart Colt 1911-1 Dennis Holland ivory grips for Miniart Colt 1911-2