Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale Ruger “Hawkeye” single shot target pistol made by master miniaturist David Kucer of Montreal, Canada.  4 3/4″ long overall with a 2 13/16″ round barrel of .08 caliber.  These were commissioned by the Ruger Collectors Assn., or maybe Bill Ruger himself, in a limited edition of 12 pieces.  They also commissioned a limited edition of 12 Ruger .22 long rifle semi-automatic pistols.

The Ruger Hawkeye single shot target pistol was made on the Ruger Blackhawk revolver frame, and chambered only for the .256 Winchester Magnum centerfire cartridge.  Instead of the standard six shot cylinder, there is a special breech block fitted that incorporates a firing pin in the part that aligns with the barrel.  The .256 Winchester Magnum cartridges would be loaded directly into the rear of the barrel.  This was accomplished by pushing in a spring loaded button on the left rear of the breech block allowing the breech block to pivot to the left exposing the rear of the barrel for loading.  Even though there is no use or reason for it, Ruger kept the ejector rod housing and ejector rod.  Probably because the did not want to have to machine off the boss on the right side of the frame that holds the rear of the ejector rod housing.

Black blue finish except for the trigger & the sides of the hammer which are polished in the white.  The left side of the barrel is hand engraved “RUGER HAWKEYE., WIN .256 MAG. CAL.” in two lines, then to the rear of that the Ruger Eagle emblem in a circle with the intertwined letters “SR”, then a proof mark “R” in a circle.  The left bottom of the frame marked “STRUM, RUGER & CO., SOUTHPORT, CONN. U.S.A.”.  The right bottom of the frame marked with the serial number “4”.  The top of the front sight, the hammer spur, the front of the trigger, and the boss holding the breech block release are serrated.  The rear sight is elevation and windage adjustable via small screws.  Two piece nicely figured walnut grips with blue steel escutcheons and a single screw entering from the right side.  The top of each grip inlaid with a round Ruger grip medallion with a black eagle.

Complete with the original Kucer miniature Ruger red, white, & black lift top cardboard box, a miniature Ruger instruction manual, a miniature Ruger warranty card, and the original rust inhibiting wax paper wrapping.

What sets this miniature apart is the 2 pages of original Ruger Collectors Association paperwork that are included.  This is 2 pages of Ruger Collectors Association Members Bulletin # 15.  The first the bulletin mentioning at #1 the directors offer to the membership to obtain one of thesE (2-sided), the second the application and rules page (2-sided).  I think these documents add significantly to the history and value of this miniature.

Excellent near mint condition showing only minor signs of handling.  I have not had one of these in many many years!  Stock # PH-01.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!