Project Description


This is a solid gold 2/5 scale Remington Model 95 over/under derringer by master miniature maker David Kucer of Montreal Canada, one of his earlier miniatures made between 1973 & 1979, and probably closer to 1973.  According to Zavie Kucer, this miniature has a cast frame and barrel group, unlike Mr. Kucer’s later work that was all machined.  This particular piece is cast of solid gold, what karat I do not know.  These early Remington derringers did not have the Remington barrel address.  I have been in contact with a collector who owned this exact piece over 30 years ago, who has photos of it before it was engraved.  It is the exact same miniature proven by the small casting flaw (black spot) in the middle of the top of the left barrel just below the rib, a small shallow dent in the middle bottom of the left barrel, and the fact that the case hinge screws align exactly in both.  It is solid gold proven by the fact that it has been engraved since he owned it and the engraved cuts still show gold and it is not magnetic.  The piece weighs .8 ounce or 24 grams if you are wondering.  1 7/8″ long overall with a 1 1/8″ barrel group.  Fully functional including the articulated firing pin.  The frame, backstrap, & barrel group beautifully engraved in vine & scroll.  I do not know who the engraver may have been, but I have it from Zavie Kucer that it was not David Kucer.  The hammer, trigger, barrel release, extractor, and screws charcoal blued.  Finely checkered two piece black hot compressed phenolic resin (Bakelite) grips with brass escutcheons and a single screw entering from the left side.  The piece is not marked Kucer anywhere that I can find, it’s possible the engraver polished off his name when prepping this piece to be engraved, or it may have never been marked.  It is marked “9” on the bottom barrel & only visible when the barrels are opened for loading.  Finely checkered hammer spur and extractor thumb piece.  Complete with the original Kucer walnut hinged top casing with key lock.  The interior bottom French fit and lined in a dark blue felt.  The interior lid lined in the same dark blue felt.  There is a cartridge block in the left front of the interior with holes for four cartridges, but only one remains.  The cartridge block has been added at some point and is not original to the case.  The cartridge looks to be a perfect 1/3 scale .41 short rimfire, but it also looks to have been hit by the firing pin.  I pulled the bullet & the cartridge has priming compound in the bottom, so it is indeed a live round, or a dud live round.  There is no typical Kucer coat of arms medallion on the case top, and no typical Kucer coat of arms markings on the interior lid lining.  The case key has the Kucer coat of arms logo.  Be aware, do not close the case with the key inside.  The lock is spring loaded and locks on closing!!!  Price Reduced:  $3,500.00.