Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale Harper’s Ferry flintlock U.S. martial single shot pistol by master miniature maker David Kucer of Montreal, Canada.  5 1/2″ long overall with a 3 3/8″ round smoothbore barrel.  The barrel, barrel under rib, lock assembly, barrel ramrod thimble, trigger, wedge, & screws are all steel that is finished in the white.  The stock ramrod thimble, triggerguard, butt cap, sideplate, and front sight are yellow brass.  The barrel with two proof marks on the left side near the upper barrel tang.  The lockplate marked with a spread winged eagle with arrows & olive branches in it’s claws over “US”, just ahead of the hammer.  The rear of the lockplate marked “HARPERS, FERRY, 1807” in three lines running vertically.  There is no touch hole drilled into the barrel at the pan, otherwise the piece looks to be fully functional.  The hammer has both half & full cock, and the action works crisply.  Complete with the original Kucer exotic wood lift top casing with magnetic latches.  The casing lid with inlaid silver colored metal corners, the casing center inlaid with a silver colored oval escutcheon with the Kucer coat of arms.  The interior bottom French fit & lined in a dark burgundy felt.  The interior top lined in an off white silk with the Kucer coat of arms silk screened in black in the center.  There was some light etching & freckling on the barrel, which is only noticeable under close scrutiny, and a small area of pitting on the right side of the barrel under lug just above the barrel ramrod thimble.  Zavie Kucer was kind enough to restore this piece to near mint 99+% new condition.  The etching is now totally gone, & the only trace of the above noted pitting is a tiny pin prick hole in the barrel underlug on the right side, which is noticeable only under very close examination.  The case is excellent.  Price:  $5,500.00.