Project Description

Now with a very nice case with accessories!

This is a custom miniature 47% scale replica of George S. Patton’s famous Colt single action army revolver that he carried during World War II.  This is a project that I did back 13 – 14 years ago.  I ordered the miniature Colt SAA from Uberti with the exact serial number of Patton’s example, # 332088, with a 4 3/4″ barrel, and no grips.  The beautiful vine & scroll engraving, and lanyard loop, were done by John Adams & John Adams, Jr. who had engraved 10 full size replicas for Doug Turnbull Restorations, and had the smoke pulls (copies) of the engraving on the original revolver.  Doug Turnbull Restorations did the silver plating.  The two piece grips with a blind screw entering from the right side were made by master ivory carver Dennis Holland.  The right grip features the deep set Colt medallion, the screw head with escutcheon, and the deep carved letters of Patton’s initials “GSP stacked vertically.  The right grip features a high relief spread winged eagle and the deep set Colt medallion.  The sterling silver grip medallions were made by Roberto Hinze.  This project took me over four years to complete, at a cost of well over $4K, back then, not including the original miniature from Uberti!  Beautiful mint condition and looks just like the day I sold it except for some expected tarnish to the silver.  Includes a really nice walnut hinged top case with a miniature Colt key lock and accessories made by  Wayne Hoosier of Dickenson, Texas.  The interior English fit and lined in a dark green felt.  Accessories include 18 solid brass dummy cartridges with W-W .45 COLT headstamps, a three piece brass oiler, the case key, and the Colt instructions label affixed to the interior lid.  Price:  $4,500.00.