Project Description

This is a modern made live 2.7mm Kolibri semi-automatic pistol cartridge made by master machinist Carmen Gianforte of Tennessee.  .437″ long overall, the case length is .38″, copper primer cup, lead projectile.  Both the primer and the powder charge have been sealed, so these should be viable for many years.  The original 2.7mm Kolibri cartridges are now bringing over $100.00/each.  I have several of these available.  Price:  $50.00/each.

Kolibri Cartridge Disclaimer

The buyers and users of these 2.7 mm reproduction Kolibri cartridges assume and accepts all risks, responsibility and liability whatsoever of any and all injuries including death, losses, or damages to persons or property arising from the use of these cartridges.

These reproduction cartridges are made as collectibles for display only and are not intended to be fired.

Carmen A. Gianforte, Wayne Driskill, & Wayne Driskill Miniatures

Georgetown, TN

February 2018

C Gianforte 2.7mm Kolibri ctg-1 C Gianforte 2.7mm Kolibri ctg-2 C Gianforte 2.7mm Kolibri ctg-3 C Gianforte 2.7mm Kolibri ctg-4