Project Description

This is a Carmen Gianforte 1/2 scale Remington Model 95 over/under derringer kit.  Carmen made these derringers about 20 years ago, & had a number of left over parts, so he has put these kits together for you “do it your selfers”.  Carmen’s finished derringers, in the white & not blued, sold for $1,500.00 – $2,000.00 back when he was selling them.  Unlike the Daniel Osterman Remington O/U derringers which are made of German silver, Carmen’s are all steel.  In addition, Osterman’s derringers did not have the functioning articulating firing pin which moves up or down each time the hammer is cocked.  Carmen’s finished derringers were 100% fully functional and accurate 1/2 scale miniatures.  The frame & barrel are rough steel castings.  The barrel does have the Remington barrel address already cast into the top barrel rib.  The balance of the supplied parts are finished except for final polishing & blueing.  Most of the more difficult parts are finished including the hammer, takedown lever, trigger, all of the springs, all of the pins, and all but one screw.  There are three parts you will have to make yourself, which are the ratchet, extractor, and extractor retaining screw.  Carmen says you can use a common eyeglass screw for the extractor screw to save yourself some work.  Dimensioned drawings are included to make these three parts.  The kits are supplied with three sets of grips which are white resin, black resin, and wood.  An exploded drawing of the Remington derringer is supplied, along with a detailed & numbered parts list.  The parts are all in zipper lock bags with their appropriate part number marked on the bag.  Years ago, Carmen sold these for $500.00 per kit.  He is allowing me to sell them for less.  Limited supply!  Stock # CG-01.  Price:  $400.00.