Project Description

This is the book, The Odd and Curious Guns, Knives, and Drawings of Herschel Kopp, Plus Tools and Tricks of the Miniature Arms Maker, Edited and Designed by Bob Urso.  Herschel Kopp was an extraordinary engineer, draftsman, and miniature arms maker.  I knew Herschel in my earliest days working for Imperial Miniature Armory, and talked to him on the telephone quite frequently.  This book is a must have for the novice, the master miniature arms maker, and anyone who collects miniature firearms.  Chapters include:  Introduction, Exhibit Highlights Kopp Treasures, Tools and Tricks of the Miniature Arms Maker, How to Make the Remington Vest Pocket Pistol, Scale Drawings for Miniature Arms, Gun Drawings, Gun Blade Drawings, Knuckle Dusters to Knife Gun Drawings, Knife Gun Drawings, Switchblade Drawings, Oddities Drawings, The James Bond Gun That Shot Diamonds, Ouch! That Hurts, The Wahl Knuckle Duster, Accessories and Case Drawings, & What Makes a Miniature gun Valuable.  10 7/8″ X 8 3/8″.  92 pages, softbound.  Profusely illustrated with black & white photographs and line drawings.  A must have book on miniatures.  Very limited quantities!  Price:  $20.00.