Project Description

This is an antique breech loading signal or salute cannon made in France.  This shoots black powder blank cartridges only!  I’m not sure exactly what shell casing this cannon takes.  It’s slightly smaller than a 10 gauge, but bigger than a 12 gauge.  7 1/8″ long overall with a 4 3/8″ barrel of .770 diameter.  The barrel vents out of both the muzzle and a large opening in the bottom.  Cast iron construction.  There is a pin, that when removed, allows the barrel to be pivoted to the left for loading.  The pin must then be replaced to fire.  To fire, you need to hold down on the sear while pulling rearward on the firing pin until it catches.  Pulling on the lanyard will then fire the cannon.  The right side of the barrel reads “MADE IN FRANCE” in cast in embossed letters.  The left side similarly reads “DANGER – FOR BLANK CARTRIDGES ONLY”.  The top of the action with a cast in embossed MF intertwined logo.   The cannon has been nicely restored.  The barrel painted with a gloss gray enamel, and the action with a gloss black enamel.  The cannon is mounted to an oak plank that measures 11 11/16″ X 4 7/16″ X 7/8″.  There is an eyelet on the front of the plank to tie the cannon to something to keep it from moving rearward under recoil.  I have never before seen one of these!  Great for New Years & the Fourth of July!  Stock # NC-01.  Price:  $450.00.