Project Description

This is a percussion swivel barrel under hammer derringer marked on one of the barrel ribs “E T HOBBS”.  E. T. Hobbs was a master gunsmith, gun collector, hunter, & re-enactor from Ellicott City, Maryland, south east of Baltimore, who was active from the mid 1950’s until about 2012.  I have recently spoken with a Maryland gentleman who knew him and who told me several stories about Mr. Hobbs which he asked me not to print.  Bottom line is he was “one hell of a gunsmith” according to this gentleman!  4 7/16″ long overall with a 2 1/8″ barrel group, both rifled barrels are .21 caliber.  I’m not sure this is a miniature, it may be a small pocket pistol.  The round two barrels are separated by what looks to be a one piece rib.  No sights.  The hammer has full cock only.  To swivel the barrel group, the hammer must be cocked, then the spring loaded barrel group must be pulled forward, then rotated 180 degrees which will then snap back into place.  Steel construction except for the two checkered brass sideplates.  There is a blued sheet steel device to retain the percussion cap on the top barrel so that the cap would not be lost while carrying or under recoil.  One piece nicely figured walnut stock.  There is a relief cut into the rib opposite the one stamped with the name, and a threaded hole in the rear frame part of the barrel group, which looks to be for a ramrod, which is now missing.  I do not know if Mr. Hobbs copied another maker, or if this is his own design.  Stock # WM-01.  Price:  $1,250.00.