Project Description


This is a 1/3, or maybe 1/4 scale antique flintlock pistol battle axe combination weapon by an unknown maker.  8 1/16″ long overall with a 1 1/4″ part octagon part round steel barrel of .128 caliber.  The barrel with four turned grooves near the middle of the barrel where it makes the transition from octagon to round.  The top three barrel flats at the breech with some engraving, and there is a gold band inlaid into the barrel at the breech with engraved “X’s” in the gold on each flat.   The brass axe head is very ornately designed with a blade on one end and a pyramid shaped spike on the other end.  The lock assembly is blue finished steel.  The hammer has both full and half cock, and there is a lever safety that engages a notch in the back of the hammer.  The triggerguard and sideplate are both brass.  The trigger has a circular loop at the bottom, maybe for tying a string to to pull the trigger when holding the piece towards the rear.  The end opposite the axe head is a sharpened steel plus (+) shape with a brass ferrule, to be used as a thrusting weapon.  The shaft looks to be walnut and is only about 3/16″ in diameter at the rear of the lockplate.  It takes a very skilled craftsman to make a functional flintlock action this small!  The lock plate measures only 15/16″ long overall!!!  Truly a beautifully executed miniature, and the first of it’s kind I have ever seen!  Price Reduced:  $2,950.00.