Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale flintlock pepperbox revolver made by master gunsmith Andrew Dyson in England.  3 5/8″ long overall with six 1 1/16″ long screw off barrels of about  about .148 caliber.  The barrels would have been unscrewed with a special spanner wrench which is not included.  The frame looks to be made of solid silver, but may be a very heavy silver plate.  The right side of the frame engraved with shields & spears.  The left side engraved with a flower, spears, flags, and marked “TWIGG”.  The silver recoil shield engraved in a vine pattern.  The trigger guard engraved with shields & spears as well is the upper tang.  The barrels, trigger, hammer, frizzen and screws are finished in a beautiful fire blue.  The one piece pistol grip is beautifully inlaid with silver wire scroll as well as silver pins.  The butt of the pistol grip with a high relief engraved silver gargoyle.  The barrels are numbered 1 through 6 and screw into the revolving cylinder which is also correspondingly numbered.  There is some engraving on the sides of the hammer, the top jaw, and a heart engraved on the forward top of the frizzen.  The hammer has both half & full cock.  This piece, like it full size counterpart, must be manually indexed.  Beautifully made and finished!  Near mint condition showing only the faintest signs of handling.  Includes a generic glass topped mahogany hinged top casing with magnetic latches.  The interior French fit & lined in black felt.  (Not Shown).  Stock # BA-03.  Price:  $2,950.00.

dyson-fl-pepperbox-1 dyson-fl-pepperbox-2 dyson-fl-pepperbox-3 dyson-fl-pepperbox-4 dyson-fl-pepperbox-5 dyson-fl-pepperbox-6 dyson-fl-pepperbox-7 dyson-fl-pepperbox-8 dyson-fl-pepperbox-9 dyson-fl-pepperbox-10 dyson-fl-pepperbox-11 dyson-fl-pepperbox-12 dyson-fl-pepperbox-13