Project Description

This is a 47% scale Colt 12″ barreled “Buntline Special” revolver as issued by America Remembers, the successors to the United States Historical Society.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  These were made by Uberti in Italy under license from Colt.  This is the “Classic Edition”, which is a standard unadorned revolver. 8 1/4″ long overall with a 5 5/8″ long rifled barrel of .21 caliber.  Blue finish with the exception of the frame, loading gate, & hammer which are case colored. The top of the barrel is roll stamped with the one line Colt italics barrel address.  The left front of the frame marked with the patent dates in two lines.  The caliber marking “.45 CAL” stamped into the left side of the triggerguard.  Nicely figured one piece rosewood grips.  The serial number, 433,  stamped into the bottom of the frame, triggerguard, backstrap, and the loading gate hinge.  The top of the frame has the long range stand up adjustable sight.  Checkered hammer spur.  Black powder frame  with the round “Bullseye” ejector rod button.  Complete with the original America Remembers glass top casing with hinged top.  The Colt logo etched into the glass near the left front corner of the top.  The interior is French fit with a burgundy velour lining.  There is also a brass plaque inset into the case interior just below the revolver with the America Remembers data.  This miniature Colt has the original care & handling instructions, the original foam padding, the original white handling gloves still sealed in their plastic bag, and the original red lift top cardboard outer box with gold leaf Colt markings.  Most often these items are not included in sales of these miniatures, having been lost or discarded over the years.  Not many of these were made or sold.  This was the last offering by the U.S. Historical Society/America Remembers.  They did not sell to expectations in either the “Classic edition” or the “Presidential edition”, and were discontinued early.  Mint new condition.  Photos are of the actual item you will receive.  Price:  $975.00.