Project Description

This is an Alloy Empire 1/2 scale die cast Israeli Military Industries Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol in caliber .50 Action Express made in China.  This is really a high end toy, but made for collectors, & is a decent miniature.  The parts are all die cast, there are no machined parts at all, but they are very well done, & the fit, finish, & tolerances are truly amazing, especially considering the price point!  5 1/4″ long overall with a 3 1/16″ plugged barrel.  Black blue finish.  Nice wrap around dark gray rubber grip covering both sides & the rear of the grip housing.  This is pretty much fully functional, even the safety, and comes with 6 dummy cartridges that can be loaded into the magazine.  It will feed, chamber, extract, & eject, most of the time.  The slide retracts to cock the hammer, the hammer falls when the trigger is pulled, and the magazine has a spring & follower.  The slide stop works and locks back on an empty magazine, and the take down lever works to remove the slide from the frame.  The front & rear sights are dovetailed into the slide.   It is all metal except for the grips and quite heavy for it’s size.  Actually looks pretty good with good markings.  Complete with the original lift top lithographed tin case with gray foam insert.  Includes the above mentioned 6 solid brass dummy cartridges, a cleaning cloth with markings, the instruction manual which is in Chinese, and some spare parts.  The muzzle has an easily removable orange plug.  Mint condition, stock photos, several available.  These are almost impossible to get into the U.S., & I was told this last order I received would probably be my last.  Luckily I bought a bunch!  The lithographed tins are very thin, and all will have a small dint or two as a result of shipping.  Price:  $100.00.