Project Description

This is a 1/5 scale Colt 1911 A1 made of solid 14 karat gold with mother of pearl grips by master jeweler Alex Baez of California.  Alex passed away about 1/1 2 years ago.  1 3/4″ long overall with a 3/4″ barrel of about .068 caliber.  All the parts are solid 14 karat gold, except for the steel springs, the mother of pearl grips, and the brass grip screws.  This piece is fully functional and will feed, chamber, extract, and eject the six included solid brass dummy cartridges.  Functional thumb and grip safeties.  The rear of the slide properly serrated on each side, as are the arched mainspring housing and the slide release.  The hammer spur, slide spring bushing, and magazine release are checkered.  The mother of pearl grips are held in place by two brass screws on each side.  This piece was made by Alex after Herschel Kopp passed away, so does not have any markings.  Includes the original hinged top silver casing.  The interior bottom semi-French fit and lined in red felt.  The interior top lined in the same red felt.  The case top with cast in scrolls surrounding a plain unadorned oval.  The pistol weighs .7 ounce, with gold at $1,868.00/ounce today, that calculates to $1,090.00 just in gold value alone!  The piece is in excellent near mint condition showing only the slightest signs of having been handled.  Stock # AR-06.  Price:  $3,500.00.