Project Description

This is a 1/4 scale German P-08 Luger made of sterling silver by master jeweler & miniaturist Alex Baez in Los Angeles, California.  2 3/32″ long overall with a 1 1/16″ barrel of .072 caliber.  All parts of this miniature are made of sterling silver with the exception of the springs.  Weight is .7 ounces.  Fully functional, but of course non-firing.  I do not recommend that you cycle the action or work the moving parts very much as the parts, being silver, will wear much faster than steel.  The top of the toggle hand engraved with the intertwined DWM logo.  The grips, the knob of the takedown lever, the magazine release, and the outside edges of the bolt toggles are checkered.  The end of the functional safety lever is serrated.  Includes five original Baez solid brass dummy cartridges which when loaded into the magazine will feed, chamber, extract, & eject when the action is cycled manually.  Also includes a walnut hinged top casing with flip latch which may or may not be original to the miniature.   The case interior padded and lined in a red felt.  Alex a few of these in yellow gold, a couple in white gold, and a few in sterling silver.  It has been many years since I have seen, or had the pleasure, to be able to offer one of these for sale.  A really beautiful piece, and one the best miniatures Alex ever made as far as quality and complexity.  Price:  $2,750.00.