Project Description

This 1/4 scale Spanish CETME rifle won NRA silver medal # 72 at the National rifle Association Annual Meetings on May 16, 2010!!!

This is one of the neatest miniatures I have ever seen! It is a fully functional 1/4 scale CETME rifle made at the Spanish government arsenal in Spain, where the full size Spanish government main line battle rifles were made. The CETME rifle was developed by the Spanish arsenal to be their front line battle rifle. It was in .308 caliber, the standard NATO caliber of that time.  H & K later developed the select fire HK G3 and the semi-automatic HK-91 from this rifle.  100% fully functional.  You can load the magazine and it will feed, chamber, extract, and eject when the action is cycled manually. This is a select fire weapon and the selector and safety both work.  9 7/8″ long overall with a 4 15/16″ barrel.  The end of the barrel with a muzzle brake/flash hider.  Two piece hardwood stock & forearm.  The pistol grip looks to be black plastic.  The steel parts are finished in a matt black blue.  Protected front sight.  The rear sight rotates, & has three different aperatures and a sporting type open sight.  The left side of the magazine well is marked “FA-CETME-58,” a logo, then, “CAL. 7.62MM”.  Under the logo is marked “ET.* 059”.  The logo looks like a toothed gear with a sword bisecting it entering from the top, with what looks like “S B” on either side of the blade.  The safety/fire selector is marked “T S R”.  “TSR” is also marked on the right side around the selector pivot.  Serrated black rubber butt pad.  Complete with the original factory case and 17 rounds of machined brass dummy ammunition in a miniature cartridge box with the proper markings.  The case is a blonde colored wood, probably maple.  The top of the case with a glossy black insert marked “cetme-c, AM (the AM in a rectangle), N – 059.  The case interior top lined in a gray foam.  The case interior bottom lined in a blue foam cut out for the rifle & ammo box.  Approxamately 70 of these were made in the Spanish arsenal for presentation purposes.  In all my years dealing in miniatures, I have only ever seen this piece & one other.  Both of which came to me, at different times, from Europe.  This exact piece was on loan by me to the Craftsmanship Museum in California for several years, & still retains their discription label, as well as NRA silver medal number 72, which it earned and the NRA Annual Meetings in 2010.  This piece was in my small personal collection for several years.  Mint new condition except for some very minor scratches to the case black finished top.  A fantastic & beautiful piece, made in a government arsenal, & extremely rare!!!  Spain & Mexico are the only countries/governments that I know of, that made miniature firearms in their government arsenals.  Stock # BA-05.  Price:  $5,500.00.