Shot Guns

Antique Late 18th To Early 19th Century Northern Iran Or Southern Caucasus Miquelet Flintlock Blunderbuss Carbine

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!!!!!Updated with even more new info!!!!!

This is an antique late 18th century to early 19th century (1790’s to early 1800’s) northern Iran or southern Caucasus miquelet flintlock blunderbuss carbine by an unknown maker.  16 3/16″ […]

Edison Montecarlo Double Barrel Toy Cap Shotgun Deluxe Set With 72 Cards Of Ammo


This is a toy double barrel cap shotgun made by Edison in Italy.  33 1/16″ long overall with 20 1/4″ barrels.  The metal parts are made of pot metal, the stock are very realistic wood […]

Unknown 1/2 Scale Double Barreled Percussion Shotgun

This is a 1/2 scale double barreled percussion by an unknown maker, most likely in Europe.  15 15/16″ long overall with 7 13/16″ octagon Damascus hook breech barrels.  Nicely border engraved nickel plated lockplates, hammers, […]

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!! Gordon Heasman 1/3 Scale Pneumatic Cane Gun, Cased With Accessories !!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

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!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale pneumatic can gun cased with accessories made by master miniature builder Gordon Heasman in England. Fully functional and firing. A fantastic set with every tool and accessory you […]