Other Weapons

Morgan Rees Child’s Or Woman’s 2/3 Scale Percussion Single Barrel Fowler, Coach, Or Buggy Shotgun

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This is a full size percussion single shot coach or buggy shotgun made by Morgan Rees.  30 5/16″ long overall with a 15 3/4″ barrel of .580 diameter.  The barrel with a steel under rib […]

Unknown 1/6 Scale “Cat’s Head” Neck Restraint

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This is a neck capture or restraint devise known as a “Cat’s Head Restraint” by an unknown maker.  It was used to capture & subdue people from medieval times up unto the slave trading days, […]

E. T. Hobbs Percussion Swivel Barrel Under Hammer Derringer

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This is a percussion swivel barrel under hammer derringer marked on one of the barrel ribs “E T HOBBS”.  E. T. Hobbs was a master gunsmith, gun collector, hunter, & re-enactor from Ellicott City, Maryland, […]

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!! Unknown 1/6 Scale Wall Display Of Ancient Weapons, Swords, Pikes, Halberds, Flails, Maces, War Hammers, Etc.


!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  This is a neat wall display of ancient primitive weapons by an unknown maker  There are 16 weapons total and include swords, pikes, halberds, a flail, an axe, maces, and a war hammer.  […]

Stanley Blaskak Deluxe 1/4 Scale Ivory Stocked Flintlock Grenade Launcher Cased With Accessories

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This is a 1/4 scale ivory stocked flintlock grenade launcher by master miniature maker Stanley Blashak of Pennsylvania.  5″ long overall with a 1 25/32″ steel barrel finished in the white.  Nicely engraved barrel tang, […]

Gordon Heasman 1/3 Scale Pneumatic Cane Gun Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun, Cased, With Wonderful Tools & Accessories

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This is a 1/3 scale pneumatic can gun cased with accessories made by master miniature builder Gordon Heasman in England. Fully functional and firing. A fantastic set with every tool and accessory you would need […]

Roberto Hinze Bronze & Sterling Silver 1/4 Scale Five Point Texas Star & Texas State Shape Spurs With Five Point Star Rowels


This is a pair of 1/4 scale spurs made by Roberto Hinze in Houston, Texas about 15 – 20 years ago.  The basic spur is cast bronze, and is decorated with a sterling silver 5 […]

Carmen Gianforte Reproduction 2.7mm Kolibri Live Cartridge

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This is a modern made live 2.7mm Kolibri semi-automatic pistol cartridge made by master machinist Carmen Gianforte of Tennessee.  .437″ long overall, the case length is .38″, copper primer cup, lead projectile.  Both the primer […]

Vic Williams 1/2 scale WWII German Panzerfaust

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This is a neat 1/2 scale World War II 60mm German Panzerfaust made by master miniature maker Vic Williams. The Panzerfaust is a one shot portable grenade launcher used primarily for taking out tanks. 27 […]

Vic Williams 1/2 scale U.S. “Pineapple” grenade

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This is a 1/2 scale miniature dummy WWII U.S. pineapple grenade made by master miniature maker Vic Williams of Nevada. 2 1/2″ tall, 1 1/8″ in diameter. The body is made of cast steel, the […]

Vic Williams 1/2 scale WWII German “Potato Masher” grenade

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This is a 1/2 scale miniature dummy WWII German stick grenade made by master miniature maker Vic Williams of Nevada. 6 13/16″ tall, 1 1/4″ in diameter. The top and wood handle stencil marked with […]

Miniature American Indian Weapons Set, Framed

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This is a neat miniature Native American weapons set. It includes a wood bow with string, an arrow with hand knapped flint arrowhead and feather fetching, a hand knapped flint knife, and a hand knapped […]