Early Miniature Firearms By John S. Cooper

This is the book Early Miniature Firearms by the late John S. Cooper.  Softbound, 72 pages, 9 3/8″ X 6 7/8″.  This is a further supplement to:  Belgian Miniature Firearms of the Nineteenth century, A […]

Book – Guns of the World

11 1/4″ X 8 1/2″, hardbound, 365 pages, black & white photos.  First published 1972, reprinted 1977.  This is a very interesting book and has a chapter on miniature firearms by Samuel Weill, Jr. starting […]

Book – Scale Model Firearms by Joseph D. Kramer

This is the book Scale Model Firearms by Joseph D. Kramer. It catalogs his personal collection of miniatures made by Ray Hutchens and Leon Crottet, probably the two finest miniature makers to ever walk planet […]

Book – The Wonderful, Wacky, Terrible World of Artillery in Miniature by Ralph Koebbeman

Book, The Wonderful, Wacky, Terrible World of Artillery in Miniature by Ralph Koebbeman. 5 13/16″ X 9 1/16″, hardbound, 136 heavy glossy pages.  First printing, October 2001.  Great color photos. A great history of artillery […]

Book – Miniature Arms by Merrill Lindsay

A classic reference on miniature guns, this is Miniature Arms by Merrill Lindsay, copyright 1970. 8 3/4″ X 5 3/4″, hardbound, 111 pages. Many black and white and color photos of miniatures ranging from suits […]

Book – Kucer Miniatures

Book, Kucer Miniatures by K. Corey Keeble and David Kucer. 6″ X 8 7/8″, hardbound, 64 pages, color and black and white photos. Printed in English and French. A great book on Master miniature maker […]

Book — Firearms Curiosa by Lewis Winant

This is an excellent source of information on older & antique miniatures.  First published in 1955, reprinted several times.  8 1/4″ X 5 5/8″, hardbound, 281 pages.  Lots of black & white photos.  Chapter 2 […]

Book – The Art of Miniature Firearms – Centuries of Craftsmanship

This is the best reference on miniature firearms that exist. The full sized book is 9 1/2″ X 12 1/4″, hardbound, with color slip cover, 335 full color pages on heavy glossy high quality acid […]

Miniature Guns of Mexico by Arthur Brown

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This is a book on miniatures, Miniature Guns of Mexico, by Arthur Brown. Extensive information and photographs on Tom Weston miniatures, Fred Thacker miniatures, and the miniatures made in the Mexican government arsenal. 11 1/4″ […]

Bob Urso, The Tiniest Guns, Book on 2mm pinfires and Berloques


The Tiniest Guns by Bob Urso. 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″, 160 pages, softbound. 32 more pages than the second edition. The best reference on the 2mm pinfire novelty berloque miniatures and also includes pieces […]