2mm Pinfires

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!! Bob Urso 2mm Pinfire Colt .25 Semi-Automatic Pistol

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!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale Colt .25 semi-automatic pistol made by Bob Urso of Washington State.  Although it looks like the Colt semi-auto, it is actually a 2mm underhammer single shot pistol.  The […]

Alex Baez 1/4 Scale 18 Karat White Gold P-08 Luger

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This is a 1/4 scale German P-08 Luger made of 18 Karat white gold by master jeweler & miniaturist Alex Baez in Los Angeles, California.  2 3/32″ long overall with a 1 1/16″ barrel of […]

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!! 2mm Pinfire Cuff Link & Tie Clip Set # 2


!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  This is a cuff link and tie clip set of 2mm pinfire Franz Pfannl Berloque pistols.  All three pieces are marked “MADE IN AUSTRIA” on the top barrel flat.  All three pieces have […]

Berloque 2mm Pinfire Tie Clasp, Urso J4a Chadwick

This is a Berloque 2mm pinfire tie clasp made in Japan.  1 1/2″ long overall with a 9/16″ hexagon barrel that is vented out both the top & bottom.  In looking at Bob Urso’s book, […]

Tom P. Weston 1/2 Scale BelMex Single Shot 2MM Rimfire Pistol With Pearl Grips

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This is a 1/2 scale BelMex 2mm rimfire single shot derringer pistol by the legendary Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico, probably made from the late 1940’s to early 1960’s.  2 3/16″ long overall […]

Hand Stitched Holster For A Miniature Pistol


This is a hand stitched holster made for a miniature Berloque 2mm pinfire pistol.  Price:  $15.00.

American Miniature Gun & Cartridge Co. “Little .45” Cap Gun Cased Set

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This is a Little .45 toy cap gun made by the American Miniature Gun and Cartridge Co. of Hollywood, California in the 1950’s.  Designated as U20 in Bob Urso’s book The Tiniest Guns, Third Edition, […]

Carmen Gianforte 3mm Pin Fire Dummy Cartridges For some 6 & most 7 Shot Ring Guns

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These 3mm pinfire dummy cartridges were made for ring guns by Carmen Gianforte, a master miniature firearms maker, a master machinist, and also a past President of the Miniature Arms Society. The cartridges are .127″ […]

Carmen Gianforte 4mm Pinfire Dummy Cartridges for 4, 5, & some 6 Shot Ring Guns

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These 4mm pinfire dummy cartridges were made for ring guns by Carmen Gianforte, a master miniature firearms maker, a master machinist, and also a past President of the Miniature Arms Society.  The cartridges are .156″ […]

Carmen Gianforte Reproduction 2.7mm Kolibri Live Cartridge

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This is a modern made live 2.7mm Kolibri semi-automatic pistol cartridge made by master machinist Carmen Gianforte of Tennessee.  .437″ long overall, the case length is .38″, copper primer cup, lead projectile.  Both the primer […]

Little Atom Berloque Japanese 2mm Pinfire Cufflinks Urso J3a

This is a pair of Japanese Berloque 2mm pinfire cufflinks.  These are like J3a in bob Urso’s book, except these are marked JAPAN, one on the right side, the other on the left side.  Quoting […]

Gold Plated Crossed Revolvers Tie Bar/Clip


This is a gold plated tie bar or clip showing two crossed revolvers.  The bar measures 1 15/16″ long, and has the standard clip on the back side.  Mint new condition.  A nice accessory to […]

Original Envelope For 12 Capsules Of Japanese 2mm Pinfire Blank Cartridges With One Original Capsule

This is an original envelope for 12 capsules of 2mm pinfire cartridges, each capsule containing 12 2mm blank cartridges.  Included is one original unopened capsule of 12 2mm blank pinfire cartridges.  The envelope is in […]

Japan Berloque 2mm Pinfire Pistol Urso J3b With Original Capsule Of Blank Cartridges

Project Description
This is a 2mm pinfire berloque pistol made in Japan and referred to as J3b – Little Atom, Square Butt in Bob Urso’s book, The Tiniest Guns, Third Edition, and shown on page 66. […]

Japanese Little Atom 2mm Pinfire Rifle Urso J30A New In Original Box With Original Wax Paper & cleaning Rod

This is a Japanese “Little Atom” 2mm pinfire rifle designated as J30A in Bob Urso’s book “The Tiniest Guns” Third Edition, and shown & described on page 71.  New in the original slide open cardboard […]