!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!! Full Size 2.7mm Kolibri Semi-Automatic Pistol

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!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  It’s not a miniature, but it is the worlds smallest commercially made firing semi automatic pistol, and lots of miniature collectors collect these, or at least want one example for their collections.  The […]

Bob Urso 2mm Pinfire Colt .25 Semi-Automatic Pistol

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This is a 1/3 scale Colt .25 semi-automatic pistol made by Bob Urso of Washington State.  Although it looks like the Colt semi-auto, it is actually a 2mm underhammer single shot pistol.  The following description […]

Miniart 1/3 Scale DWM Borchardt Semi-Auto Pistol With Accessories

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This is a 1/3 scale DWM Borchardt semi-automatic pistol made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia, about 20 years ago.  100% fully functional.  4 5/8″ long overall with a 2 13/32″ barrel of about .105 caliber. […]

Miniart 1/2 Scale DWM Borchardt Semi-Automatic Pistol With Shoulder Stock & Accessories

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This s a 1/2 scale miniature Borchardt semi-automatic pistol with accessories, as made by DWM in Germany.  This miniature was made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia about 20 years ago.  The pistol is 7″ long overall […]

Ray Hutchens 1/2 Scale Luger Frame Cut-A-Way

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This is the left side of a 1/2 scale Luger frame made by Ray Hutchens of Indiana.  It is not marked, but I bought it from a person who used to hang out in Ray’s […]

Stanley Stanek 1/4 scale Navy Luger

This is a 1/4 scale Imperial German navy Luger made by Stan Stanek in the Czech Republic about 2000. 2 11/16″ long overall with a 1 7/16″ barrel. 100% fully functional! Unlike the 1/4 scale […]