This is an original box and four live rounds for the 3mm centerfire Kolibri semi-automatic pistols.  I have been collecting cartridges since I was 8 years old, over 50 years, and though I’ve seen the cartridges, which are scarce, I have never seen one of these boxes.  The box measures 1 11/16″ X 7/8″ X 1/2″.  It is made of a manila colored cardboard.  There is a wrap around label around the side of the box lid which is marked on one side “Made in Germany”.  there is another wrap around label around the top, ends, and bottom.  The top is printed, in faint black “50 Cart Kal. 3mm, 9?? Automat Pistolet, “KOLIBRI””.  The bottom of the word KOLIBRI is slanted and running off the bottom on the right side.  The box has some cellophane tape repairs to the bottom, and the top has three split corners, otherwise it’s in pretty good condition.  A super rare box for the Kolibri or small automatic handgun collector.  Price:  $800.00.