My Collection

Antique Joseph Rodgers & Sons Of Sheffield, England Miniature 40 Blade Exhibition Knife


!!!!!Winner of a NRA silver medal at the May 2018 Annual Exhibits & Meetings in Dallas, Texas!!!!!

One of the finest miniature folding knives known in the world! Made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield, England, […]

Aldo Uberti’s Personal 47% Scale Henry Rifle, Serial # 1AU, One Of Only Four Made, And The Only One In The U.S.

Just noticed that this exact miniature Uberti Henry rifle is pictured on pages 150 – 151 of the book The Art Of Miniature Firearms – Centuries Of Craftsmanship!!!

I have received this piece back from Doug […]

Tom P. Weston 1/2 scale Colt single action army revolver engraved by Alvin A. White

This beautiful true 50% or 1/2 scale Colt single action army revolver by Tom P. Weston of Mexico City now resides in my personal collection. It is engraved by Colt master engraver Alvin A. White, […]

Harvey Geyer 1/4 Scale Springfield Flintlock Musket

!!!!!NOT FOR SALE!!!!!

This is a 1/4 scale Springfield flintlock musket made by Harvey Geyer of Dayton, Ohio circa. 1915 – 1925. ¬†15 1/4″ long overall with an 11″ round barrel of about .215 caliber. ¬†Steel […]

Harvey Geyer 1/3 scale ivory stocked Ames Model 1842 U. S. Navy martial percussion pistol

This is a 1/3 scale miniature ivory stocked Ames Model 1842 U.S. Navy martial percussion pistol made by Harvey Geyer in 1925. 3 15/16″ long overall with a 1 15/16″ round smoothbore barrel of .195 […]

Miniart 1/4 Scale Russian Model 1910 “Snow” Maxim Belt Fed Machine Gun On Solokov Wheeled Mount

This is a 1/4 scale miniature Model 1910 Russian “Snow” Maxim medium machine gun made by Miniart in Russia in 1994. This thing is just unbelievable and just gets better the more you look at […]

Robin Armstrong 1/3 Scale 1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine

This is a 1/3 scale 1855 Springfield percussion pistol carbine with Maynard tape priming mechanism by master miniature maker Robin Armstrong of England. The pistol measures 5 15/16″ long overall with a 4″ rifled barrel […]

Harvey Geyer 2/3 Scale Colt Cloverleaf Revolver & Colt No. 3 Single Shot Derringer In Book Casing

This is a pair of Colt pistols made by famous inventor Harvey Geyer in 1935. Mr. Geyer of Dayton, Ohio held over 200 U.S. patents, and is best known to me as the inventor of […]

Antique toy 12 shot revolving cannon

!!!!!Winner of NRA silver medal # 81 at the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings as one of the 3 best miniatures on display!!!!!

This is an antique toy 12 shot revolving cannon, made by an unknown maker, […]