Project Description

!!!!!RETURNED TO CONSIGNOR!!!!!  This is a Franz Pfannl Kolibri Model 4 single shot 4mm rimfire blank or starter pistol.  3 1/8″ long overall with a 2 3/8″ barrel.  The barrel is plugged and vents out of a slot on the top of the barrel just ahead of the chamber.  Stamped sheet steel construction with a rivet where the barrel pivots for loading.  Blue finish.  Serrated wood grips with a single retaining screw on each side.  The left side rear of the tilting barrel assembly stamped “AUSTRIA”.  Included are 10 rounds of 4mm rimfire blank ammunition.  The pistol is in excellent condition with just some wear to the sharp edges.    Stock # RB-1 .  !!!!!RETURNED TO CONSIGNOR!!!!!

Kolibri model 4-11 Kolibri model 4-12 Kolibri model 4-13 Kolibri model 4-14 Kolibri model 4-15 Kolibri model 4-16 Kolibri model 4-17 Kolibri model 4-10