Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale all metal ball butt wheellock pistol by the famous Walter Agnoletto of Turin, Italy. This exact piece is featured on the cover and page 14 of the Fall 2002 issue of the Miniature Arms Journal, (a copy of which is included in the sale) which features Agnoletto’s work and gives a list of the miniature firearms he has made. Agnoletto’s work is also prominently featured in Merrill Lindsay’s book “Miniature Arms”. 4″ long overall with a 2 1/4″ part round part octagon smoothbore barrel of .200 caliber. All steel construction finished in the white. Profusely engraved with about 65% coverage. There is a belt or sash hook on the left side. The pan cover is spring loaded and snaps closed when a small screw sticking out just ahead of the wheel is pushed. There is also a lever on the right side that may be a safety of some kind. Includes the original maple hinged top casing with folding latch. The interior French fit and lined in a faded burgundy velvet. Also includes the original multi-purpose tool which has two wrenches and a screwdriver. I have not seen or had an Agnoletto miniature for sale in well over ten years.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-2 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-3 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-4 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-11 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-10 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-9 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-8 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-7 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-6 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-5 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-18 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-17 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-16 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-15 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-14 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-13 Agnoletto-Wheellock-pistol-12