Project Description

This is an all steel antique wheellock pistol reportedly made by Hans Bauer of Munich, Germany.  3 7/8″ long overall with a 2 9/16″ part octagon part round barrel with a swelled cannon muzzle.  There is a belt hook on the left side.  The piece looks to be all there and fully functional.  The pan cover slides freely and the hammer rotates back & forth freely.  The wheel cover has three cut outs the center one shaped like a heart.  There is a rotating safety on the right side.  The ball butt has knurled rings at the center, and the juncture where it meets the frame.  The trigger extends through the triggerguard as is typical for antique miniature wheellock pistols as they were meant to shoot.  There is a steel ramrod under the barrel.  The bore is drilled through to the touch hole.  This piece shows great age, and has been harshly cleaned in it’s past.  The metal is a pretty even steel gray patina.  There is some surface rust showing in the protected areas around the wheel and the hammer, and even pitting over most of the pistol surfaces.  Priced accordingly.  Antique wheellock pistols are exceedingly rare and seldom seen or offered for sale.  Price Reduced:  $1,950.00.