Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/6 scale M-81 Mortar marked on the base SOSTA M-81, by an unknown maker.  Sosta may be the maker, or the company that made the full size mortars.  It’s possible that this is a factory made presentation piece.  The overall tube length is 5 13/16″.  The tube bore is .260″.  The mortar is made of machined steel parts painted with an olive drab paint.  The base is a rectangular piece of walnut measuring 7 5/8″ X 5 1/4″ X 1 1/4″.  The tube can be removed from the base by turning it 90 degrees and lifting up.  The transit & elevation mechanisms all look to be fully functional.  There is an additional hole in the base where once there was a mortar round, but it has since been lost.  Other than that, the piece is in excellent condition except for some very minor paint chips.  This is the only one of these I have ever seen.  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-4.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!