Project Description

This is a 47% scale Colt Single Action Army Flat Top Target Model Revolver.  This started life as a standard Uberti Colt SAA.  The late Terry Farrand altered it to make it a flat top target model by cutting off the original top strap & micro welding on the flat top top strap, & making and welding on the raised front sight base.  He also did the proper flat top polishing and full blue finish, along with the 2 piece hard rubber Eagle grips with brass escutcheons.  The hammer only is case colored.  6 1/16″ long overall with a 3 1/2″ rifled barrel of .21 caliber.  The bottom of the barrel marked “A UBERTI – ITALY”.  The left rear of the triggerguard marked “.45 CAL.”  The left front of the frame stamped with the typical two patent dates.  Black powder frame with a screw securing the cylinder pin and the round “Bullseye” ejector knob.  Yellow brass front sight is secured to the base with a single screw entering from the right side.  The rear sight is dovetailed into the topstrap.  The serial number “B056” is stamped into the bottom front of the frame, bottom front of the triggerguard, and the bottom of the backstrap.  The loading gate stamped “56”.  The two piece hard rubber grips feature the rampant Colt facing forward on each side in an oval, and a spread winged eagle just below the screw on each side.  Complete with a beautiful oak & leather luggage type casing, the interior English fit and lined in a green felt.  Accessories include 24 solid brass dummy cartridges with silver colored bullets, a yellow brass cleaning rod, a yellow brass three piece oiler, and the interior lid instruction label.  The revolver is in mint condition, the case shows some very minor handling marks.  Price:  $1,850.00.

uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-1 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-2 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-3 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-4 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-5 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-6 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-7 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-8 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-9 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-10 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-11 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-12 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-13 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-14 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-15 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-16 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-17 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-18 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-19 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-20 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-21 uberti-farrand-colt-saa-flattop-target-22