Project Description

This is a 47% scale Colt Single Action Army revolver with 5 1/2″ barrel made by Uberti in Italy.  Uberti called these fancy models their Prestige Editions.  They were the most elaborately engraved and decorated models they ever produced.  5 1/8″ long overall with a 2 9/16″ rifled barrel of .21 caliber.   This piece is beautifully and extensively factory engraved with 22 karat gold wire borders & scroll inlays.  The revolver is finished in a beautiful full charcoal blue, except for the hammer which is case colored.  This is a very unusual finish that I had never seen before until I recently purchased a small collection of six of these.  The usual finish is either blue or charcoal blue with case colored frame, loading gate, & hammer.  One piece nicely figured walnut grip with a satin oil finish.  Black powder frame with the round “Bullseye” ejector rod button, the early “Pinched Frame” topstrap, and the cylinder pin held in place by a screw.  The left front of the frame stamped with the patent dates in two lines.  The left rear of the triggerguard stamped with the “.45 CAL” markings.  Checkered hammer spur.  Very early serial number 537 stamped into the frame, triggerguard, backstrap, loading gate hinge, and the rear of the cylinder.  No Uberti markings stamped into the bottom of the barrel which is unusual.  The top of the barrel factory roll stamped with the one line Colt italics barrel address.  Nickel silver front sight.  Beautiful mint condition.  These Prestige Editions with the factory barrel address are extremely rare.  Along with an even rarer factory finish & no Uberti markings, this is truly a very rare miniature!  A beautiful piece, and very rarely offered for sale!  Price:  $1,850.00.  I have another matching piece, serial # 535 if you are looking for a beautiful, possibly unique matched pair, not consecutive, but only one off!!!  Price:  $1,500.00.