Project Description


This is a cased set of five 47% scale Uberti Colt single action army revolvers, all with different barrel lengths.  The set includes a “Sheriff’s” model with 3″ barrel & black powder frame serial # 2901, a 4 3/4 barreled SAA with black powder frame serial # 3017, a 5 1/2″ barreled SAA with black powder frame serial # 3197, a 7 1/2″ barreled SAA with smokeless powder frame serial # 3163, and a 16″ barreled SAA “Buntline with black powder frame & the proper flat top frame with long range ladder sight.  All five are finished in blue & case colored finish with one piece walnut grips.  All have rifled barrels, checkered hammer spurs, the patent date markings on the left front of the frame, and the caliber markings on the left rear of the triggerguard.  You’ve seen enough of these to know what the look like without me having to take another 50 photographs, & if you haven’t, check out my Revolvers-Colt SAA’s page.  Cased together in a nice walnut hinged top casing with magnetic latches.  The interior bottom French fit & lined in a dark red felt.  The interior lid has the paper colt instructions label.  The top of the case laser engraved with the Colt logo.  All five revolvers are in mint new condition, as is the case.  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-10.  Price Reduced:  $2,700.00.