Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 47% scale Uberti Winchester Model 1866 carbine.  This started life when Imperial Miniature Armory ordered ten miniature 1866 carbines in the white with no wood, and rifle crescent buttplates.  The idea was too make in miniature the engraved and ivory rifles that were made for and presented to Emperor Maximilian and President Porfirio Diaz of Mexico.  This example is of the rifle presented President Porfirio Diaz.  The ivory stocks, with Mexican high relief carved eagle on cactus with snake on the left side of the buttstock, was made by master ivory carver Dennis Holland of Lubbock, Texas.  Master engraver Tom Hicks, also of Lubbock, Texas at that time, engraved the frame, sideplates, cartridge lifter, and buttplate.  Doug Turnbull of New York was responsible for the beautiful blue finish, and the case coloring of the lever, hammer, & trigger.  Unlike most Uberti miniature 1866’s, this one does not have the plug in the breech end of the rifled barrel.  Complete with a nice mahogany hinged top casing with magnetic latches made by Imperial Miniature Armory.  The interior French fit and lined in a brick red felt.  The interior lining is marked with the Winchester horse & rider logo.  Only three of these were ever actually made, one Maximilian and two Diaz.  The other seven I sold as projects several years ago.  Stock # JM-9.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!