Project Description

This is a “Presidential Edition” Colt single action army revolver by the United States Historical Society. Made in Italy by Uberti under license from Colt. 5 1/4″ long overall with a 3 1/2″ .21 caliber rifled barrel. Gold and silver plated finish, wonderful checkered pre-ban ivory grips. Beautifully engraved in American scroll with about 50% coverage. Serial # 114 as all these were, the actual serial # is stamped into the cylinder pin boss just below the cylinder pin. The two patent dates are stamped into the left front of the frame, the barrel with the proper one line barrel address, the left rear of the triggerguard with the caliber marking. Knurled hammer spur. Early black powder “pinched” frame and round ejector rod button. Fully functional but non-firing. Complete with the original USHS glass topped mahogany casing with etched Colt logo on the glass.  Price: $1,500.00.

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