Project Description

This is a 1/2 scale Colt “Baby” Paterson black powder percussion five shot revolver with the Ehler’s loading lever made by Fred Thacker of El Paso, Texas, or possibly by Tom Weston of Mexico City, Mexico.  It is really difficult to know since they both used some of the same craftsmen.  The case looks like a typical Thacker case, and the fact that there is no barrel address leads me to believe it is a Thacker.  The revolver is 3 1/8″ long overall with a 1 9/16″ octagon barrel of .118 caliber.  High polish bright blue finished steel except for the hammer, loading lever assembly, and trigger which are case colored.  One piece rosewood grip.  Blued cone front sight.  Fully functional.  Includes what I believe to be the original Thacker mahogany case with push button latch.  The interior semi-French fit and lined in a purple velour.  The cylinder over travels a little and does not index perfectly.  The cylinder must be slightly rotated backwards until the cylinder stop engages so that the hammer will be free to fall.  Excellent near mint condition with just a only very minor signs of handling and little blue wear at the bottom of the backstrap.  I’d call it 98%.  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-20.  Price:  $2,850.00.