Project Description

This is a 1/2 scale BelMex 3mm center fire single shot derringer pistol by the legendary Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico, probably made from the late 1940’s to early 1960’s.  2 5/16″ long overall with a 1 5/16″ barrel of about .102 caliber.  Fire blue finish except for the trigger & hammer which are case hardened.  Beautiful two piece ivory grips with yellow brass escutcheons and a single screw entering from the left side.  Serrated hammer spur and trigger front.  There is a blued steel wire lanyard loop on the bottom of the grip.  The hammer has both half & full cock, and must be brought back to half cock to swivel the barrel open to load, otherwise you risk breaking the tip off the firing pin.  The 3mm center fire BelMex pistols are easy to tell from the 2mm rimfire by the very pointed hammer & larger bore diameter.  The 3mm center fire BelMex pistols are much scarcer than the 2mm rimfire models.  This pistol shows about 85% thinning original fire blue finish with little to no signs of having ever been fired.  Includes the original Weston manila cardboard hinged top case.  The interior bottom lined in red felt.  The interior top lined in an off white silk with blue lettering “WESTON’S, MADERO 13 MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, MEXICAN CRAFTS, ANTIQUES” in five lines.  This is a very early version of this BelMex case label.  Also includes an ivory handled blue steel cleaning/ejector rod with a brass ferrule, & four corroded rounds of the Weston 3mm centerfire ammunition.  The case exterior shows considerable wear & flaking, and the case push button latch has broken off.  The case bottom has a partial sticker from Weston showing the original price to be $160.00.  Price:  $450.00.