Project Description

!!!!!SOLD OUT!!!!!  This is a functional miniature brass antique style padlock made by the late Roberto Hinze of Houston, Texas.  The dimensions are 15/16″ X 3/4″ X 7/32″.  Complete with the brass key.  The top front of the shank marked “A.E. DEITZ”.  The top rear of the shank with the number “228”.  Very well made.  A word of advice here, be sure to remove the key before you lock it, or it will trap the key in a non-working position and the lock will be useless.  Since I’ve warned you, no refunds or exchanges if this happens to you!  Ask me how I know this, yes, it happened to me!  This is the type of lock that would have been used on railroad boxcars, bonded bourbon rick houses, strong boxes, etc., back in the early to mid 1800’s.  Would look great on a miniature Wells Fargo strong box!  !!!!!SOLD OUT!!!!!