Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a full size Smith & Wesson Model M Perfected Hand Ejector Lady Smith revolver made by master miniature maker & gunsmith Raymond L. Hutchens of Indiana.  This piece was made by Mr. Hutchens about 35 – 45 years ago.  This piece is so good that Smith & Wesson thinks they made it!  Mr. Hutchens made two of these, & this is serial number 2.  The serial number is stamped into the rear of the cylinder & the bottom of the butt.  Also on the bottom of the barrel, along with the letter “H”, hidden by the ejector plunger & only visible with the cylinder swung out.  Also on the frame, & the carrier that holds the cylinder when the cylinder is swung out, both only visible when the cylinder swings out for loading unloading.  The barrel address, caliber markings, and S & W logo are properly marked with roll dies and stamps made by Mr. Hutchens.  The barrel has the proper number of lands & grooves, to the proper width and depth, with the proper rate of twist.  Every part that is supposed to be hardened is!  The grips are two piece ivory with a single screw entering from the left side and brass escutcheons.  The grips have a nice mellow aged patina and show a pretty grain pattern.  The Smith & Wesson grip medallions are solid gold!  One thing different about this revolver than the ones made by Smith & Wesson is that this one will chamber & fire the .22 long rifle rimfire cartridge.  The Smith & Wessons were only chambered to fire the .22 short rimfire cartridge as the cylinders were not strong enough for the long rifle & would blow up!  Featured on page 68 of Joseph D. Kramer’s book “Scale Model Firearms”.  On the bottom of the butt, on the left side underneath the grip, is Mr. Hutchens’s makers mark stamp, which is an engraver’s ball vise with the letters RLH.  This is a beautiful piece, made by who I think is arguably the best miniature maker that ever lived.  Stock # CS-3.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!