Project Description


This is a rare 47% scale Colt 1851 “London” navy percussion revolver with the four screw frame made to take a detachable shoulder stock with blued iron backstrap & blued round iron triggerguard!  The normal Uberti miniature 1851 navy percussion revolvers have square back brass triggerguards & brass backstraps.  This is only the second one of these I have ever seen in my over 25 years of selling Uberti miniatures!  Fully functional, but non-firing. 6 1/4″ long overall with a 3 1/2″ octagon rifled barrel of .17 caliber.  The frame, hammer, rammer, and loading lever are case colored.  The balance of the steel parts are blued, including the iron backstrap & triggerguard, which are normally made of yellow brass on this model.  Brass bead front sight.  The front left of the frame does not have the usual COLT’S PATENT markings.  36 CAL is stamped into the left rear of the triggerguard. The cylinder roll stamped with the Ormsby naval battle scene and serial # 251.  . Serial number 377 stamped into the barrel lug, frame, triggerguard, & backstrap.  Checkered hammer spur & loading lever latch.  The hammer with both half & full cock, and you can feel & hear the normal four clicks when you cock the hammer.  A super rare Uberti miniature Colt 1851 navy variation!  Mint new condition.  Stock # JM-26.  Price Reduced:  $1,250.00.