Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/2 scale Gatling gun carriage by an unknown maker.  It is not a Furr.  It may have been made by Valley Engraving (Thunder Valley, Mike Suchka).  The wheels are 18″ in diameter.  The axle is 25″ tip to tip, & the trail is about 33″ long.  The wood is walnut.  The hardware is all yellow brass with the exception of the tires which are steel.  The carriage is missing the retaining washers and nut for one wheel, the elevation screw, and the gun.  Everything else looks to be there & in nice condition.  This could easily be modified to be a cannon carriage.  Just need a little cleaning up.  I bought this from Imperial Miniature Armory a few years back.  If you know who made it, please let me know!  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!