Project Description

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  This is a 1/2 scale early Soviet AK-47 with machined receiver and folding stock made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia about 15 – 20 years ago.  17 1/4″ long overall with a 8″ barrel of .145 caliber.  Blued machined and sheet steel, except for the bolt which is finished in the white and the safety which has turned a plum color.  The polish & blue are very high quality.  Nicely figured walnut fore stock and hand guard.  Serial number “001” laser engraved on the front left of the lower receiver.  The rear sight with the proper distance graduation markings.  The spring loaded buttons you depress to elevate the sight are checkered.  The markings for fire and safe are on the right side of the lower receiver just in front of the safety.  The rectangular button you push to remove the upper receiver cover is serrated.  Fully functional, but non-firing, and will feed, chamber, extract, & eject the included five solid brass dummy cartridges.  Price:  $7,000.00.

The walnut case measures 20″ X 6 3/16″ X 2 1316″.  The case is actually made for the wood stock version.  The rifle kinda fits, but the interior bottom really needs to be redone to fit the rifle better.  The top center is carved in a diamond shaped oak leaf motif surrounding an inlaid high relief carved portrait of Mikhail Kalashnikov done a lighter wood.  The right & left side of the top, the ends of the case, and the front of the case are elaborately silver wire inlaid in scrolls with inlaid carved ivory leaves.  The top has two rear hinges, and two slide latches secure the top at the front.  The interior is French fit in a red velour for the rifle and magazine.  There is an interior wood block which holds the five included solid yellow brass dummy cartridges.  The bottom of the case is lined in the same red velour, and has four wood feet, one in each corner.  This case is a magnificent piece of art in it’s own right!  Price:  $850.00.

Only 10 of these folding stock 1/2 scale AK-47’s were made by Miniart, about 15 – 20 years ago, and I originally sold all 10.  This is the first one I have been able to offer on the secondary market since they initially sold!!!

Price for the Pair: $7,500.00.

  Miniart AK folder 001-1 Miniart AK folder 001-2 Miniart AK folder 001-3 Miniart AK folder 001-4 Miniart AK folder 001-5 Miniart AK folder 001-6 Miniart AK folder 001-7 Miniart AK folder 001-8  Miniart AK folder 001-9  Miniart AK folder 001-11 Miniart AK folder 001-12 Miniart AK folder 001-13