Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a miniature revolver shaped mechanical cigar cutter with an amber & silver stem & the original hinged top casing.  The Top of the brown leather case is stamped in gold lettering “ANDENKEN, an, Berlin.” in three lines.  The cigar cutter measures 3 5/16″ long overall.  Nickel plated finish with two piece mother of pearl grips.  The stem is made of amber with a surrounding band of silver tooled in a floral motif.  The case interior bottom is French fit & lined in a fern green felt.  The interior lid is padded and lined in a fern green silk.  The interior case lid is marked in silver lettering “ECHT MEERSCHAUM, GAR??ORT, ECHT BESMSTEIN” in three lines.  The cigar cutter is in excellent condition retaining 95+% of the original nickel plated finish, & showing some minor rust on the trigger & hammer.  The stem shows some cracks and minor repairs.  The case is in excellent condition for it’s age showing wear to only the sharp edges and some flaking of the leather at the edges.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!