Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/2 scale 1903-M Remington (Springfield) U.S. WWI & WWII bolt action battle rifle as made by Remington.  Made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia.  21 1/2″ long overall with a 11 1/2″ barrel of about .151 caliber.  Most of the parts of this miniature are machined steel, but some of the small parts are stamped steel just like on the full size version.  Straight grained walnut one piece stock and handguard with some with a dark oil finish.  The front receiver ring marked “U.S., REMINGTON, MODEL 1903, 043” in four lines.  The bolt release marked “OFF” & “ON”.  The rear sight has the proper graduated distance markings.  The safety marked “READY”  & “SAFE”.  The buttplate with the hinged trapdoor for a cleaning rod, no cleaning rod included.  Includes two solid steel dummy cartridges (not shown) and a miniature leather sling made by Jerry Missimer of Pennsylvania.  Near mint condition showing only the faintest traces of handling, I’d call it 99%.  The extractor and magazine floorplate have turned a plum purple color.  For you history buffs, most of the Remington manufactured 1903-M rifles were sent to Russia during WWII under the Lend Lease Program.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

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