Project Description

!!!!!Price Further Reduced!!!!!

This is a 1/2 scale U.S. M-1 paratrooper folding stock carbine made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia about 20 years ago.  17 3/4″ long overall with the stock extended, 12 5/8″ long overall with the stock folded.  9″ round barrel of .15 caliber.  Gray parkerized steel finish except for the bolt, magazine release, trigger, and the flip part of the rear sight, which are blued.  Straight grained walnut stock, handguard, and pistol grip with an oil finish.  The top front of the receiver marked “U.S. CARBINE, CAL .30 M1A1” in two lines.  The top rear of the receiver marked with the serial # 001.  This is the early model M-1 carbine with the flip rear sight, and no bayonet lug.  Standard blade front sight with protective ears on each side.  Includes three rounds of solid yellow brass dummy cartridges that will feed, chamber, extract, and eject when manually cycled through the action.  There are some very minor scratches on the bolt from cycling, on the magazine where it has been installed & removed, and on the left side of the stock where the buttplate has rubbed against it, otherwise this piece is in excellent condition, I’d call it 98+%.  From Joel Morrow’s personal collection.  Included is a 1/2 scale dummy U.S. pineapple fragmentation grenade.  The 1/2 scale U.S. Army steel helmet with fiberglass liner & interior webbing is not included as they are sold out.  Stock # JM-100.  Price Further Reduced:  $1,850.00.