Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale pole arm usually known as a halberd or pike, made by master miniature maker Jerry Missimer of Pennsylvania.  21 13/16″ long overall with a 3 9/16″ fancy hand forged steel double edged spear point blade.  The flame hardened shaft looks to be hickory or some other such hardwood, and is typically about 3/8″ in diameter..  The butt end has a very pointed turned oxidized brass end, which would have also been used as a weapon.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!

jerry-missimer-third-halberd-3-1 jerry-missimer-third-halberd-3-2 jerry-missimer-third-halberd-3-3 jerry-missimer-third-halberd-3-4