Project Description

!!!!!Price Further Reduced!!!!!

This is a 1/2 scale Griswold & Gunnison American Civil War Confederate percussion six shot percussion revolver hand made by Hans Mueller of Germany, probably made in the 1950’s – 1970’s.  Reportedly one of four he ever made.  One of the other examples is pictured in the book The Art of Miniature Firearms – Centuries of Craftsmanship on page 47.  The Griswold & Gunnison is a Confederate copy of a Colt 1851 Navy revolver, except for the Griswold & Gunnison has a round barrel after the barrel lug, and a brass frame.  6 1/2″ long overall with a 3 11/16″ rifled barrel.  Yellow brass frame, triggerguard, backstrap, and front sight.  The barrel, hammer, & trigger finished in the white.  The cylinder has rectangular cylinder stops with approaches like a Colt 51 navy, with no safety pins between the nipples.  The cylinder, wedge, and screws are blued.  Thew hammer has both half & full cock, and the hammer spur is serrated.   Beautiful burl walnut one piece grip with fantastic figure, but it does have some naturally occurring voids that could be easily filed.  Complete with the original Muller walnut hinged top casing with key lock & key.  The interior is English fit and lined in a burgundy velour.  Accessories include a two legged brass two cavity bullet mold that cast both a round and a conical ball with a blued steel sprue cutter, a cast brass Colt type powder flask with round hanging rings, a walnut handled screwdriver, a wonderful green lift top cap tin with green Union Metallic Cartridge Co label, and a number of round lead balls in the lidded compartment at the right rear of the case.  Also included is a card describing the miniature as:  “GRISWOLD & GUNNISON REVOLVER, 1/3 scale, made by Hans Mueller, Munich, Germany.  There is a gold foil sticker on the bottom of the case with a U.S. flag and the text “Authur J. Palicki, 2325 Lambert Dr., Toledo, OH. 43613, (419)475-4862”.  Despite what the card says, this piece is in 1/2 scale.  From the personal miniature collections of Joel Morrow & Authur Palicki.  Stock # JM-81.  Price Further Reduced:  $2,250.00.